How do weight-related issues affect our viewpoints and practices? Whether we admit it to ourselves or not, the fact that society influences how we act and react is undeniable. More importantly, society also hones and shapes our points of view, whether it is on politics or on health and wellness and nutrition. There is no doubt that both men and women in this day and age have become a victim of the unhealthy lifestyle choices. These choices are those that are ruled by wrong choices of food, bad eating habits, and of course, and inactive and sedentary lifestyle. All of these work against the enhancement of overall health and wellness; all of these are also considered as the major culprits behind weight gain. Whenever we ingest food, we cannot help but to enjoy it. Eating is a much enjoyable activity, more so for those people who really love good food. But the problem with enjoying food sets in when the food we consume and the food that we allow ourselves to indulge in are those that are laden with too much fats. Are they really bad for our health? Can they really ruin our chances of weight loss?

Calories are bad, fats are not so. Dieters often practice the cutting off of fat in their diets just so they can lose weight, without thinking that fats are also an essential part of our diet regimen. The fact is, it is not the fat, but the amount of calories that we consume that is the enemy. While it is true that a gram of fat has more calories than a gram of protein, many people eat more proteins and a carbohydrate because they assume that fat is the enemy. Eating three times a day is ideal. Many of us are raised to believe that eating three times a day is ideal, but the truth of the matter is that it really is not so. Eating heavy meals three times a day will only slow down our metabolism, and that is not good for us. A better alternative is to spread the meals through out the day; healthier meals throughout the day can keep your metabolism burning fat all day long. Do not live by weighing scales. There are times when we get so conscious about the weight we should lose that we make it a point to check our weight everyday. Piece of advice: do not make this a habit. Do not live by weight loss every minute of everyday; otherwise, you will easily become affected every time when in reality, weighing scales should only be used as a guide. It’s not a hundred percent accurate. Eat but do not overeat. Exercising portion control is a good option but always remembers to allow you some leeway. Eat on time and don’t skip meals. Eat the right amount of food to supply you with adequate energy and use that energy so it would not get stuck as fat in your system.

This highlights the power of a good relationship with a life partner. Reagan had a rich and deep well of life experiences on which to draw from. The shoe salesman father, the economic reality of the 1930s Depression and at 25, the excitement and drama of being a slick sports broadcaster. All these experiences helped shape his values, beliefs and ability to communicate with audiences. Despite the early success and attraction to Hollywood as a B-grade actor, Reagan never forgot his roots. Like many people with charisma and charm, Reagan had that rare ability to build instant rapport with people he met. He connected with people on a personal level and people liked him for that. How can you use charisma to build your personal brand? While many have criticised his lack of detail and intellectual rigour, Reagan’s great gift as a communicator was to take the complex, like a solution to the Cold War, and make it appear simple to the masses. As a freshman, Reagan took part in a student strike that resulted in the resignation of the college president, who had proposed cutting back the curriculum and the teaching staff because of a shortage of funds. Reagan made the main speech at a rally that won support for the strike from nearly all the students. He later said that he learned then what it was like to succeed with an audience. In closing let me thank you, the American people, for giving me the great honor of allowing me to serve as your president. When the Lord calls me home, whenever that may be, I will leave with the greatest love for this country of ours and eternal optimism for its future. I now begin the journey that will lead me into the sunset of my life.

People remained mum as they witnessed the mounting corruption of the political-corporate nexus. Still, there is an even narrower and more worrisome interpretation of the politicians comportment, in which he is answerable not to his constituents, but to party hacks. It is a common error to assume that the politician’s role is to create jobs, encourage economic activity, enhance the welfare and well-being of his subjects, preserve the territorial integrity of his country, and fulfil a host of other functions. In truth, the politician has a single and exclusive role: to get re-elected. His primary responsibility is to his party and its members. He owes them patronage: jobs, sinecures, guaranteed income or cash flow, access to the public purse, and the intoxicating wielding of power. His relationship is with his real constituency – the party’s rank and file – and he is accountable to them the same way a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) answers to the corporation’s major shareholders. To make sure that they get re-elected, politicians are sometimes required to implement reforms and policy measures that contribute to the general welfare of the populace and promote it. At other times, they have to refrain from action to preserve their electoral assets and extend their political life expectancy.

The Treasury Department introduced a plan to help the homeowners modify their second mortgages. 75 billion foreclosure relief program offered to millions of deserving US homeowners. Earlier, the housing plan which was started by Obama administration focused only on first mortgages, but with the modifications in the plan, homeowners can also avail second mortgage. Here it is also significant to point that treasury will provide the loan servicers, lenders and borrowers with cash incentives so that they can easily modify second mortgages. As per the updated federal treasury data, around 50 percent of «at-risk» mortgages are already having second mortgages like the home equity loans. Under the smart federal governments housing plan, only those homeowners who have their first mortgage modified will become automatically eligible to modify their next mortgage. This will mean that the homeowner’s interest rate will move to 1% in case of amortizing loans and 2% on the interest only loans. In such an event, the federal government will split the costs of that reduction with investor owning the loan. 250 incentive from the first loan’s principal amount every year, and this will continue for 5 years, provided if they remain current on both mortgages.